Month: August 2012

The Introspective Value of Conspiracy

The study of conspiracy theory, in my mind, is very much a gateway to achieving higher consciousness (or “awareness” if you prefer that terminology). To many that may sound silly, and I can sympathize with that perspective. Many folks in the conspiracy crowd consistently stay fixated on the most obvious, tangible, and sinister aspects of the subject at hand. War, human sacrifice, false flags, mind control, nuclear holocaust, New World Orders, mass surveillance, underground bases, “Devil” worship, and so on. It can be emotionally and psychologically exhausting. They are consistently focused on the negative, on their lack of control, and even more detrimentally they are focused on the external. This kind of thinking keeps people from passing through what Neil Kramer refers to as the Gates of Awakening into a higher awareness of themselves and the nature of reality. (more…)



Welcome to my Blog. My name is John and I’m 26 years old. I only mention that I have a degree because my lady thinks it will give me some semblance of credibility. However, Michael Douglas said it best in the movie-classic Falling Down: I’m over-educated and under-skilled. I’ve long debated with myself whether starting one of these things is of any measurable value. Is it simply an exercise in ego satiation. or a legitimate outlet for creative and individual expression? It is more than likely a mixture of both, and I’m caring less and less about sounding self-centered, so I gave in. (more…)