Welcome to my Blog. My name is John and I’m 26 years old. I only mention that I have a degree because my lady thinks it will give me some semblance of credibility. However, Michael Douglas said it best in the movie-classic Falling Down: I’m over-educated and under-skilled. I’ve long debated with myself whether starting one of these things is of any measurable value. Is it simply an exercise in ego satiation. or a legitimate outlet for creative and individual expression? It is more than likely a mixture of both, and I’m caring less and less about sounding self-centered, so I gave in.

A few interesting (or potentially uninteresting) facts about me:

I haven’t had cable for years and avoid mainstream news like the plague. Tim Ferris, one of the most interesting entrepreneurs of the 21st century, and author of the 4-Hour Work Week, openly admits he does not read or watch the news. Likewise, Jerry Mander — a former advertising executive who became disgusted by the entire enterprise of commercial programming — wrote a book titled Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. TV is an indoctrination machine pure and simple. I personally feel a million times sharper and more engaged for watching significantly less TV than the average American over the last 3-4 years.

I regard myself as a spiritual person generally speaking. I grew up Catholic, got over the trauma of it, and am now a certifiable pagan of sorts. I care little for dogmatic and/or centralized religions (and dogmatic, centralized institutions in general). So please do not mistake any of my future criticisms of organized religion as some kind of rabid atheistic crusade. Both religious fundamentalists and scientific-materialists are compartmentalized true-believers in my view. I happen to embrace a more balanced perspective, and believe that the spirit (whatever that may or may not be ultimately) is scientifically verifiable (i.e. Psi, Near-Death Experience, Entheogenic Experience).

My enjoyment of puzzle-solving has led me to some of my major pursuits: Poker, conspiracy theory, natural philosophy, and scientific investigating. Synthesizing these realms of inquiry requires a certain capacity for critical thinking, introspection, humbleness, self-trust, and open mindedness. Basically everything you are never taught in public school, and are forced to develop by and large on your own time.

I believe that by labeling conspiracy theory (a term coined by the CIA mind you) and other fringe topics as taboo, idiotic, and so on, the powers-that-be have succeeded in alienating people from the most empowering information imaginable. Reality as it turns out is much more interesting than materialists want you to believe. The alienation of people from what I term “liberation-curriculum” has sundered the ties to our true history, and has made us lose sight of our transcendent natures and potential for ascendancy. This is truly sad, as there is too much self-imposed pain and self-hatred in the world. And while I rather not admit it, I’d have to label most people’s critical thinking about how the world works as poorly-developed at best. Most of us are little more than sleepwalkers stumbling around in the dark while some priesthood of elite technocrats lies in wait to shove us down the steps.

In a world as seemingly fucked up as the one we live in, I’d have to agree with Howard Zinn that remaining totally neutral is impossible. The true war that mankind is facing is not against some external enemy or “terrorism”; it is a war against ourselves. It is a war to conquer our false selves, our false ways of thinking, our false prophets, and regain our individual sovereignty. The Universe is not some slowly decaying vacuum devoid of meaning; it is pregnant with purpose. You are a unique part of that story if you took time to reflect on it. We are not generic meat popsicles whose only purpose is to get taxed to death, behave like walking billboards for corporate merchandise our whole lives, then fade into nothingness. We are here to evolve spiritually (as well as to a smaller extent physically), and to explore our outer-limits. The path is open to all of us if we are brave enough to walk it.


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