The Introspective Value of Conspiracy

The study of conspiracy theory, in my mind, is very much a gateway to achieving higher consciousness (or “awareness” if you prefer that terminology). To many that may sound silly, and I can sympathize with that perspective. Many folks in the conspiracy crowd consistently stay fixated on the most obvious, tangible, and sinister aspects of the subject at hand. War, human sacrifice, false flags, mind control, nuclear holocaust, New World Orders, mass surveillance, underground bases, “Devil” worship, and so on. It can be emotionally and psychologically exhausting. They are consistently focused on the negative, on their lack of control, and even more detrimentally they are focused on the external. This kind of thinking keeps people from passing through what Neil Kramer refers to as the Gates of Awakening into a higher awareness of themselves and the nature of reality.

Don’t completely misinterpret what I’m saying though, because I do think these topics are very important to study and be conscious of. They motivate us to explore and think in ways we hadn’t conceived of prior. But to stay fixated on them, to make them the focus of your study and teaching, not moving to the next solution-based level, is playing right into the hands of the powers-that-be. Social engineers want you to focus on their charade, and not on yourself. They want you to stay in a state of arrested development. They thirst for your misguided psychic energy. Ascension and liberation, getting in touch with your higher-self, is their worst fear.

There are two different modalities of thought you can engage in: introspection or extrospection. The extrovert responds to conspiracy by doing exactly what the conspirators desire: focusing on topics that further amplify our already bloated egos and keeps us in a low-vibration state. The path to salvation is not outside of you, but within you.

Contrary to what movies, school, and the like, would have you believe, we don’t change the course of history by violently acting out some predictable, black-and-white melodrama. This model has proven to be a total failure historically speaking. We cannot win by hoarding food and taking up arms Alex Jones style. This is moronic. You can’t dismantle the masters house with the masters tools. We end up replacing the old tyranny with a shiny new one.

Consider this quote from the what are thought to be the lost teachings of Jesus; discovered in 1945 within the Nag Hammadi scrolls:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

This is how the introspective person responds to the dilemma the world situation poses. They face themselves first, then fix the world. The individual who stays mired in the doom-and-gloom, us vs. them paradigm, may very well have good hearts, good minds, and good intentions. What they fail to recognize is how psychologically and emotionally consumed by conflict they themselves are. They do not do whats called inner-work. They do not confront their personal fears, doubts, and hypocrisy. They are therefore not self-actualized; they are lacking authenticity. Before you label me as self-righteous, know that I count myself among the inauthentic as well,  but at least I have identified my disease, have conquered some weaker aspects of myself, and am committed to the way forward.

Therefore, only two real choices exist for us: try to fix everyone else, or try to fix ourselves. And please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to argue that you have no more inner-work to do, that you are already a 100% authentic example for how to lead a meaningful life. All of us exhibit some of the following vices day to day: apathy, self-hatred, self-deception, pettiness, narrow-mindedness, naivety, projection, dogmatism, and so on. We all house these potentialities within ourselves.

In this way we are really no different than those we label as enemies. Why stay fixated on the behaviors of others you think you hate, when you don’t even confront the things you hate about yourself and your life? Before we overthrow the police-state, we have to conquer the police-state within. If not, the Empire will never die. We will resurrect the corpse again, and again, and again. Author David Icke (leave aside what you think about his reptilian theory for a moment) put it perfectly:

“I see people challenging war, and conflict when their own lives are full of conflict.”

In writing this, I am not trying to guilt trip you. In fact, I see guilt as a rather insidious control mechanism utilized by antiquated centralized systems like organized religion to keep you mired in a level one paradigm defined by perpetual dissatisfaction. I on the other hand want you to wake up to the deception and to your on power. I want you to answer to no one but yourself. I want you to become your own authority. But this requires an intellectual and heartfelt exploration of topics most people are no willing to engage in. It requires us to put aside our prejudice. Most people cannot do this, and as a result most people continue to suffer silently. Philip K. Dick, very much a modern day prophet, summed it up as follows:

“We did not fall because of a moral error; we fell because of an intellectual error: that of taking the phenomenal world as real. Therefore we are morally innocent. It is the Empire in it’s various disguised polyforms which tells us we have sinned. The Empire never ended.”  

As bad as the global situation currently is, we are without original sin. We are certainly complicit in the world scenario, and in that sense we perpetuate it; but only out of ignorance, not out of innate wickedness. We think we’re imperfect beings attempting to achieve perfection, but we are in fact perfect beings who have simply lost our way. We are fractals of a much greater whole. Some might refer to this greater whole as God, or whatever, but I think labeling it as such is misguided for various reasons.

Therefore, in a very real sense, we are divine creatures. To be abundantly clear, this does not mean we are Gods who possess the right to commit injustices and act in an arrogant or self-centered fashion. Our cosmic role is that of ever-evolving caretakers, not some old-testament overlords who can rape the land and its inhabitants as we see fit. Its time for us to grow up, to engage in true individuation, and to truly liberate ourselves. Arriving at conclusions about what the world needs without first attaining true wisdom, true self-knowledge, true gnosis, is foolish at best. We have been wearing our masks for too long.



  1. Conspiracies can put us in some really dark spaces (negative energies and though patters). But it can also make us question old ‘truths’ and lies, and open us up to new ways of thinking.
    The question is how to find the right balance, and not get stuck in a dark worldview full of negative thinking.
    For some people, this things can be amost too much to handle. All the darkness and problems in the world. On the other hand, a lot of positiver thinking leads to becoming blind to the problems of the world. And ignorance is often the thing that feeds into evil.

    Ignorant and happy…or aware but depressed and despairing.
    Neither seems like a good choice.
    For the individual, it might sometimes be “better” to not know. But for humanity (and all of our sake), it can be very important to be aware.

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