Practical S#!t for the (r)Evolution

At first glance, the immediate value of inner-work might appear inconsequential. Therefore let me elaborate a bit further. From inner-work, from obtaining proper balance and insight, what is often referred to as “right-action” flows. This requires accepting a simple premise: Thought precedes action, and meaningful action (and/or meaningful mental frameworks) cannot manifest out of a state of ignorance. As Joe Bageant once said, “Ignorance is the worst kind of prison.” To accomplish anything of value, you must humble yourself and admit that your information is incomplete. I know mine still is, but to balance this out I  do my best to suspend judgment, and make sure to remain open-minded to new ideas constantly.

Likewise, you should be very careful about knee-jerk judgments. Discarding and/or dismissing ideas as “crankish” or “conspiratorial” at first glance, due largely to the rigidity of our mental frameworks, is an egotistical mistake. Be honest with yourself. On a deep level, what real research have you personally done to verify what is or is not true? How closely have you really looked into the alternatives? What have you done beside receive second/third/fourth hand (dis?) information your entire life from socially sanctioned (aka establishment-approved) sources?

We exist within a snow-globe reality, run by an Empire whose power is largely based on the fictions it’s able to instill in peoples’ minds. This is really the heart of the issue. We are apathetic and take the world and how it operates for granted. We arrive at a framework for how things are, how things work, and get mired in broken, predictable paradigms and belief systems. We’re not seeing how manipulated we truly are.

Only when we’ve managed to shatter most of your illusions through this questioning process, and see the world with new eyes, can we actually formulate new systems of social organization and resistance that actually work. These include, but are not limited to, the following mechanisms:

– Non-Interest Bearing Local Currencies & Banking Apparatuses

– Instituting Local Constitutionally-Bound Sheriffs

– Open-Source Everything (Information, Technology, Patent-Law, etc.)

– Legal Literacy

Just like everything else in the universe, none of these solutions is fundamentally separate from the other. They all work in tandem to buttress a much greater apparatus of community-based self-empowerment.

Local Currency/Banking:

Local currency is a way of escaping the tyranny of the privately owned cartel known as the Federal Reserve Bank (largely owned by the wealthiest of the wealthy banking families) and their issuance of usury-based debt-notes. The Federal Reserve came into existence under Woodrow Wilson during a historical period of engineered economic collapse visa-vi a 20th century stock-market bubble. Doesn’t this narrative sound familiar?

The Federal Reserve Act itself was crafted by a small band of banking/industry magnates (along with their underlings) you’ve probably heard of: Rothschild, JP Morgan, Rockefeller; the list goes on. The conspirators (or whatever else you prefer to call them) knowing the American public would mutiny if they were made aware of their shenanigans, adopted code-names in an effort to hide their identities and protect themselves from public scrutiny. They met on the privately-owned Jekyll Island to draft the legislation. Afterward, through the use of their political puppets in Congress, this anti-Constitutional/anti-American act was passed and we the people lost the power of issuing our own currency. This was arguably the greatest blow to national sovereignty imaginable. The Revolutionary War was fought over this very issue: Opposition against a centralized banking authority who can direct and/or control the course of a nation through the calculated use of economic warfare. Here is a rather telling quote from one of the patriarchs of the Rothschild dynasty:

“Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws.”

I don’t believe the term ” conspiracy theory” is an appropriate label in the face of quotes such as this. You can decide for yourself however.

Lets extrapolate this to our day. The modern day FED, and subsidiary lending institutions in general, have nearly unlimited power to create debt-based money “out of thin air” (based on the 9:1 reserve requirement ~). Most “money” is literally loaned into existence. You’re not taking money from other depositors, or even from the bank’s asset base (tangible dollar-bills, checks, loan agreements, securities, etc. In other words the stuff that matters). The bank is literally taking no risk giving you that “money”, because they created it and don’t owe it back to anyone else. Some may argue that interest rates that banks pay out to depositors balances this out, that there is no such thing as the creation of risk-free money.

While I would agree that “completely risk-free” is too strong a characterization, I believe “nearly risk-free” is fairly accurate. The amount of profit banks are able to generate on interest from loans they manufacture dwarfs the amount of interest they need to pay out to depositors.  There was no mutual (equal amount exchanged) consideration (risk): A fundamental element of any contractual agreement. You bear an imbalanced burden in the arrangement, yet are never told that. Therefore these contracts are also based on fraud.

Not only is this “currency” created out of thin air, but its created with interest attached. If more money is always owed on top of all the money that’s ever been created, where does the money to pay back that interest come from? Nowhere. It does not and cannot exist. It is a rigged game where someone must win at the expense of someone else busting. It is an ever-accelerating debt-spiral. This is not obvious to most people yet, even most Occupy-folks, which is an absolute shame. (I do understand the premise that banks do at times inject debt free money into the economy from operating costs, purchasing assets, etc).

In response to this we should start issuing non-interest bearing local currencies. Ithaca Hours in Ithaca, NY and Mountain Hours in Summit County, Colorado are two wonderful examples of how this type of currency can grow from a grassroots barter system between neighbors into a full blown alternative community-based economic system that integrates local institutions as well (credit unions, healthcare providers, etc). If you care strongly about the well-being of future generations, I strongly encourage you to investigate and follow their models. If we keep seeking salvation through mainstream political action/strategies, we’ll have been driven off a cliff long before we are prepared to deal with the fallout. There isn’t even enough political will to fully audit the FED, let alone shut it down.

P.S. A partial audit of the FED was accomplished earlier this year thanks mostly to Congressmen Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul. Spoiler Alert: The FED never stopped their bail-out program. Somewhere in the range of 16-trillion was loaned out secretly to unaccountable domestic & foreign banking insitutions from 2008-2012 approximately.

Constitutional Sheriffs:

Oath Keepers is a joint movement of American Citizens and Law Enforcement Officials who realize something fundamental: All officers of the law are required to swear allegiance to the Constitution and the protection of our inalienable rights. They literally swear an oath promising this. To violate this oath is to “war against the constitution”, an act of treason. Most officers today do not understand this. They are loyal only to the chain of command. Police whose behavior is not guided by their oath essentially become hired thugs. Their power is now used to suppress, not to protect.

Please don’t think I hate police officers. I have respect for what drives a person to become one (i.e. protecting others, serving their communities, etcetera). It is a noble pursuit in that regard. I also understand they are just trying to collect a paycheck and feed their families like anyone else. But there must be bounds of reason. There is too much room for abuse of power to allow them to play fast and loose with their oathes. Just as doctors take their oathes quite seriously, officers should as well. Unfortunately, most are completely unaware that they are wantonly abusing power day-in, day-out. Can someone prove to me the constitutional legitimacy of parking tickets please? Good luck.

With Constitutional Sherriffs and Honorable Officers in place, arbitrary uconstitutional/un-American acts of invasion against individuals and communities, such as random audits by the IRS, would begin to get phased out.


I don’t think it dawns on us how artificially “closed” our world has become. It literally severs people from the creative possibilities that exist. Let me elaborate. Take for example the question of UFO’s, ET, etc. Most people disbelieve this because of a variety of well-publicized hoaxes, in conjunction with the belief that “It would’ve been leaked already”. This is the classic mistake of underestimating your adversary: they (ie the clandestine elements in our governments/corporations) are smarter than you think (they completely lack wisdom however, so do not fear them), and know how to keep secrets/sow disinformation.

If you do not believe me, all I can tell you is watch The Disclosure Project, a film put together by the pioneering CSETI Organization headed by Dr. Steven Greer. What would happen if the government “Opened-Sourced” all its clandestine files tomorrow on the ET phenomenon, moving it from science fiction to science fact? Obviously it would alter our current course in a dramatic direction (clean over-unity energy, advanced communications/transit, new healing methods) when people begin to ask the simple question, “How did they get here?”.

This is what I mean by open-sourcing: making honest information available to people so that society may unfold organically, not via central-planning. Because our world is literally shaped by a small commissariat who has seized control of our needs hierarchy (ie energy, food, shelter, etc), and continues to leverage the shit out of it for their benefit, we stay disempowered.

Here’s another example: what if Marijuana can actually be processed into a hyper-concentrated paste that literally cures everything from terminal cancer to crones. Google Rick Simpson (Canadian inventor of Phoenix Tears hemp-oil that cured dozens of his fellow community members) or Shona Banda (a self-healed chrones survivor). Listen to their stories then judge for yourself.

P.S. See Robert David Steele for a concise and easy-to-understand framework for building open-source into all aspects of the cultural mozaic. He is a visionary mind you might appreciate.

Electric Motor by UFOPolitics:

Turion Motor:

THC Attacks Cancer

Phoenix Tears’ Rick Simpson Story:

Legal Literacy:

Consider investigating the following:

Dr. Graves @ Jurisdictionary

Marc Stevens’ Adventures in Legal Land

Mike & Bob @ Rochester LAW

TactikalGuy1 and Paranoid Patriot on YouTube


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