Month: November 2012

Hemp Oil and the Post-Scarcity Era

The end of 2012 is almost here. So that begs the question: is the world really going to end? I believe any thinking person who is not a staunch literalist understands the word “end” does not imply some apocalyptic event, but rather a transformative one. Even so, the question still remains, what will characterize this transformation? Will it be a large or small event? Will it be an epic theatrical display that creates instant change or something more subtle and ongoing? I believe it will resemble the latter, and contain a number of dynamics. In fact, I believe one such dynamic has just recently been realized. I will attempt here to open your eyes to it. (more…)


Individuation and the Human Element

In this video, I would like to focus on the most important aspect of the Open-Source paradigm: the human element. I am dedicating this to everyone feeling weighed down by debilitating frustration; to anybody feeling buried by the demands and pressures of closed-era modernity. If you are suffering emotional fallout from lack of time, lack of money, lack of access, and have been deceived into thinking you lack the ability to achieve your aspirations, this video is for you. (more…)

The Evolution of Open-Source Science

In this video I will analyze the Open-Source Science paradigm and the cultural atmosphere surrounding it. Generally speaking, Open-Source Science is a movement meant to smoke the scientific community out from its Ivory Tower. It is about moving science into a conceptual frontier devoid of ideological prejudice, extremism, and ego. This means courageously venturing wherever the evidence may lead us. Sacred cows have no place here. Like all Open-Source efforts, it is a bold attempt to conquer dishonorable and compartmentalized operating-systems. This is accomplished through a holistic approach that weeds out contradiction by stressing ethical evidence-based decision making. (more…)

The Curious Case for Open-Source Religion

For this video I will explore the rationale for an offshoot of the Open-Source paradigm known as Open-Source Religion. I will also refer to it loosely and interchangeably as Open-Source Philosophy. Open-Source Religion can be summed up as the individualized practice of mixing various religious teachings with a diversity of non-religious ideas and beliefs to form a coherent spiritual framework for oneself. A person is free to be as creative as they so choose in this process, as long as their beliefs do not violate the golden rule: do no harm. (more…)

Robert Steele, Open-Source, and You

Greetings. Before I start I’d just like to thank you for tuning in and paying attention. For my first video I’d like to pay tribute to Robert David Steele and his new book, the Open-Source Manifesto. Robert Steele, for those who don’t know, is a former clandestine intelligence officer and project manager who worked with the CIA for approximately 30 years (until 2006 if I’m not mistaken). He has since become a highly outspoken activist, criticizing the manner in which the U.S government and popular culture operate. (more…)