Month: January 2013

A Dialogue With Maz



* Maz Keshavarzi is a poker player, coach, actor, and activist-blogger. His personal blog can be found @ . We came into contact recently and engaged in an interesting dialogue via Skype that I would like to share. It covers alot of ground that includes commentary on culture, society, ecology, conspiracy, science, and a lot more. I hope you find some of it interesting:

Maz: I had posted a question earlier: are we going through an enlightenment stage?

John: I would argue mostly yes. In many ways people are devolving, but I think alternative ideas within the industrialized populations of the world (the 20% causing all the issues) are as widespread as they have ever been. Therefore there is a tremendous window for change. It’s still seeking coherence, kind of like occupy Wall Street, but I think the old ways of thinking people don’t really believe in them anymore. I like Terence McKenna’s comparison [of our current story] mirroring human birth. It is a destructive looking process in which the end product is quite beautiful. (more…)


Disentangling the Quantum Enigma

This video requires a brief disclaimer. This is not the fulfillment of some grail quest meant to discover an elusive, unifying theory of everything. All theories, no matter how coherent, are inherently limited. The true nature of reality is far too vast to fully comprehend; its scope can never be encapsulated within any one model. All we can hope to do is logically formulate what makes sense to us based on evidence gathered through the use of our limited perceptions. As anthropologist Jeremy Narby, author of The Cosmic Serpent, puts it: “[Nothing] is [certain]. There is so much mystery involving consciousness… [That] these are just ideas to play around with and to entertain rather than [some]…new form of certitude.” (more…)