Blue Science’s Matt Pulver: Subquantum Kinetics, Godel’s Theorem, & Electrogravitics

Interview with physicist and consciousness researcher Matt Pulver on the topics of theoretical physics, the sociology of science, and the mystery of consciousness. Matt has assisted Dr. Paul LaViolette in constructing computational models of Subquantum Kinetics: Dr. LaViolette’s open systems approach to microphysics and cosmology. Matt is also the coordinator of Project Camelot’s Blue Science, an undertaking intended to expand public awareness of  censored science. A breakdown of our dialogue can be referenced below:

0min-4min: Matt’s Background/Academic Experience; Involvement with Project Camelot/Blue Science; Funding in Academia; Importance of the Independent Researcher; Kerry Cassidy

5min-24min: Collaborative Work with Dr. Paul LaViolette; Predictive Power of Subquantum Kinetics; String Theory as a Brain Drain; Particles as Dissipative Structures; Gravity; Unaccounted Core Energy in Planets/Stars; Genic Energy; Galactic Superwaves; Pioneer Anomaly;  Was There a Big Bang; Red Shift as a Doppler Effect; Red Shift as Tired Light Effect; Cosmology and Micro Physics as an Open System Phenomenon

25min-28min: Science and the Academy; Was the Ether Disproven; Black Projects; Phil Schneider and Underground Bases; Politics of the Matrix; Conspiracy; Conditioned Scientists; Thrive and Mass Awakening

29min-52min: Ra and the Law of One; Making Space for Spirituality; History of Mathematical Formalism; Paradoxes and Set Theory; Russell’s Paradox; Formal Number Theory; Gödel’s Theorem and Contradiction; Limitations of Mathematical Logic/Proofs; Qualitative vs. Quantitative Thinking; Gödel and Duality; Structure of Consciousness; Parameters of Human Perception; Limitations of Awareness; Archetypes and Artifacts; Embracing Paradox and Holism; Western Thought and Reality Denial; The Subjective Experience; Self-Awareness and God; Limitations of Materialism and Formal Philosophical Systems

53min-61min: Electrogravitics;  T. Townsend Brown; Back to the Future; How Rocketry Works; Antigravity; Reverse Engineering B2-Bomber; Etheron Field Dynamics; Cloaking/Stealth; Philadelphia Experiment; Gravitational Scalar Potential vs. Vector Field; The Scalar Ether; Building a Homopolar Generator


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