At Home in the Void: Afterlives and the Quantum Vacuum


QuantumFoam1Over time I have become fairly convinced by the scientific evidence that consciousness — in some way — survives bodily death. This isn’t to say that I believe in most of the popular notions surrounding Heaven & Hell, God vs. Satan, and so on. Most of the institutionalized propaganda surrounding these subjects is not to be trusted at all. What should be trusted in arriving at answers to these types of questions are A) your own intuition and extra-rational knowing (not magical thinking), and B) consistent/identifiable patterns of experiential (subjective/anecdotal) and experimental (objective/controlled) evidence that account for a particular phenomenon. While I’ll concede we can never achieve 100% certainty about anything, I will put forward what I consider to be A) empirical evidence of an extra-dimensional existence, and B) a theoretical framework for what makes such a thing possible.

Cosmos1What is popularly known as the Near Death Experience (NDE) is a well chronicled and well researched scientific phenomenon. Here is a concise albeit oversimplified accounting. During NDE’s an ailing person’s EEG (Electroencephalogram) and ECG (Electrocardiogram) both typically flat line which implies physical death. The patient is typically declared clinically dead for a short period of time. During this traumatic episode a certain percentage of patients experience an out-of-body experience where they discover that they are outside themselves. Many are then able to explore the surrounding area, or are found to be floating above their bodies. Some patients are then drawn through a type of ‘tunnel’ and are met by ‘creatures of light’ (that closely resemble luminous gray aliens no less) who offer both guidance and a life-review. At some juncture the individual is either A) told it is not their time, or B) given a choice to return, after which the patient’s consciousness rushes back to their body as they miraculously spring back to life. Efforts by skeptics to equate NDE’s with hypoxia or temporal lobe stimulation (via magnetic fields) have not met with any meaningful success as far as many experts in the field are concerned.

Evidence of “supernatural” events  have been documented by hundreds, if not thousands, of Paranormal Societies & Associations around the world. These small but devoted groups of unpaid investigators look to acquire evidence for what has been labeled as “paranormal”. While not all researchers embody the same degree of integrity or capability, there are indeed standard practices and protocols associated with “ghost-hunting” that most practitioners take very seriously. These standards & practices are necessary because most investigations do not take place within a controlled lab environment. Certain protocols must be adhered to if one wishes to protect the integrity of their evidence while investigating allegedly haunted sites. Examples of such considerations include controlling/accounting for a certain amount of environmental noise-interference, consulting outside experts for second and third opinions on prospective evidence, and so on.

The types of evidence paranormal investigators most regularly turn up include: electronic voice phenomenon (aka EVP: disembodied voices often picked up on frequency-scanners or standard high-quality digital recording devices); orbs (spherical entities that abruptly appear and disappear and are often correlated with other activity) that radiate light and often behave as if guided by an intelligence; apparitions (ghostly figures that are able to manifest enough density to block out lighting in some cases); rapid localized changes in temperature; poltergeist activity (action-at-a-distance); and inexplicable electrical malfunctions (battery drainage, camera malfunctions, etc.). In my view, all of these are readily explainable once we understand and accept the physical nature of the quantum vacuum.

Scalar-EM Spirit-Orb

The basic fabric of the known universe — the quantum vacuum (often conflated with the zero-point field) — is full of what you could call electromagnetic and thermal “noise”. Accompanying almost all traditional, transverse electromagnetic wave signals (i.e. Radio wave) is some amount of noise or static. Noise is largely considered to be a junk signal — nothing of interest is thought to be carried on it. Engineers are taught in school how to minimize this noisy interference in electronic applications.

In reality these “junk” signals are unaccounted for scalar-longitudinal components of the classical transverse electromagnetic wave. In a sense the transverse wave and scalar-longitudinal wave can be thought of as two sides of a larger complex (aka partially “imaginary”) wave structure. Scalar-longitudinal waves carry a wide spectrum of frequencies but they are fluctuating very rapidly, and since they are propagating in a “orthogonal counter-space” of sorts, are therefore difficult to tune into and/or setup resonance with.


Scalar-longitudinal waves are unique in both their physical structure and observed behavior. In terms of geometric qualities a scalar wave resembles a helical ring and/or vortex when propagating in “free space” (aka physical vacuum). These waveforms are also able to curl into stable, oscillating (pulsating/vibrating) resonant structures (aka standing waves or solitons) that resemble ball lightning. A peculiar and underappreciated property of a vortex is its ability to draw in, store, and bind matter-energy. A tornado provides us with an obvious real world example as it builds up strength over a water source by sucking up huge amounts of vapor-potential before touching down.


Consciousness can be modeled as nothing more than electrical impulses in the brain, which the laws of thermodynamics tell us can never be destroyed, only conserved or dissipated. In which case: Consciousness is sucked up into, stored, and conserved in the vortex-scalar structure of the self-ordering quantum vacuum — thus returning to wholeness with the Universe. People whose consciousness is torn away or dislocated in a disharmonious fashion (such as abrupt murder, slow painful death, etc.) are likely to become trapped spirits of sorts within the quantum vacuum’s labyrinthine scalar-space (as eluded to by the Egyptian Book of the Dead amongst others). For the rest of us whether we are reborn, recycled, or move on to higher places of responsibility in the cosmic drama, the quantum vacuum is at the very least a staging point for the continuation of our story.

*Disclaimer: I do realize there are a number of other working models of consciousness — such as non-local, vacuum-based or chaotic-systemic — beside the reductionist-emergent model described in my conclusion. Each one of them, as far as I can tell, fits equally well into the general model I have suggested here.


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