Month: June 2013

Sync Book Press’ Alan Abbadessa-Green: Sychronicity, Reality Tunnels, & 3rd-Path Spirituality

Interview with author, visual artist, and synchro-mystic Alan Abbadessa-Green. Alan is the founder and chief editor of Sync Book Press and Sync Book Radio. Both of which are outlets dedicated to exploring the mysteries of synchronicity and its more spiritually oriented counterpart synchro-mysticism. Information on Alan’s work and other Sync Book Press projects can be found at (more…)


The In-Formed Universe: My FQXi Contest Submission

* This is my recent submission to the Foundational Questions Institute Essay Contest that seeks to answer the question “It from Bit or Bit from It?”. Please visit the contest page and post any questions/feedback you may have there. Thank you for taking an interest:


ABSTRACT: The difficulty of accounting for ubiquitous, coherent order in a Universe considered by many to be ruled by random, entropic decay cannot be understated. Can the evident complexity found throughout our finely tuned Cosmos simply be the byproduct of aimless, uninformed interactions between inert substances leftover from the Big Bang? Likewise can the complex emergence & evolution of biological life on Earth be explained by similar dynamics if augmented by genetic mutation and natural selection alone? I will argue that this overly positivist-reductionist ontology does not hold for an orderly Universe underwritten by linear, irreversible time. If the Universe is no older than 15 billion years, without Information-guided process the natural order as we perceive it could not, and would not, exist — only non-discernible chaos and endless episodes of error catastrophe would persist. Information therefore plays an essential role in undergirding the emergence of coherence and self-organizing process. The genesis of looping, autocatalytic feedback networks, that then give rise to complex order, can be traced back to the accumulation of a “Universal Systemic Memory”. It is postulated that “systemic memory”, or “information”, can be stored dynamically within (1) the vibratory spectrum of material substances themselves, and (2) the highly ordered wave-structure of the quantum vacuum. Non-local, Information-driven process & evolution appears to be the rule, not the exception. (more…)

TheOldScientist Thomas Imlauer: Scalar Waves, Zero Point Energy, & Rethinking Nature

Interview with Electrical Engineer and Tesla-technologist Thomas Imlauer on the topics of scalar wave theory, harnessing zero point fluctuations, and rethinking the natural order. Online, Thomas operates under the pseudonym TheOldScientist. On both his personal website and YouTube he has posted numerous in-depth videos cataloguing his innovative work. Thomas is also a contemporary and acquaintance of other visionaries in the field including Eric Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, and Jean-Louis Naudin. Reference the breakdown of the interview below if so desired: (more…)