Dr. Edmund Storms: Cold Fusion, NAE Theory, & Nuclear Transmutation

Interview with nuclear chemist Edmund Storms. Ed has over two decades worth of experimental research in cold fusion-LENR. He is retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and is the founder of Kiva Labs. He is the author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, a comprehensive survey of the LENR field published in 2007. He has also developed the theory of the Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) as an explanatory mechanism for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. More Information on Dr. Storms and LENR can be found at http://coldfusionnow.org/

0m-8m: Summary of Ed’s Career and Credentials; Ed’s Entry into the Field of LENR/Cold Fusion; Why LENR and Classical Fusion do not Equate; 5 Methodologies to Achieve LENR

8m-13m: Overview of Ed’s Nuclear Active Environment Theory; What are Nano-Cracks; Lattice as a Necessary Reactive Component; Diversity of Metal Lattices now in Use

13m-21m: COP vs. Excess Heat vs. Efficiency; Current Engineering Feats of Rossi and Defkalion; Promise of Self-Lopped Self-Generative Energy Systems; Pseudo-Skepticism and Scientific Dogma; Sociology of Denial; Disruptive Power of LENR; How Discovery of Electricity Parallels LENR; Non-LENR Energy Technologies of the Future

21m-30m: Addressing Common Skeptical Arguments; Skeptical Hubris; Issues with Early Experiments; Viability of E-Cat and Defkalion Reactor; 3 Critical Elements of a Commercial Technology; Converting Excess Heat into Electricity

30m-36m: Mainstream Validation at ICCF 18; Government Development vs. Private Development; LENR and Transmutation Effects; Cleaning up Radioactive Environments; LENR in Biological Systems

37m-50m: Double-Edged Sword of Limitless Energy; Western Science vs. Eastern Science; Kiva Labs; Thoughts on Schwartz and Hagelstein; Plans for the Future; How to Prove NAE Theory; Importance of Developing Coherent Theory for LENR; Sources for Inquiry into LENR/CF



  1. Hi, thanks to relay those information.

    For more recent data I have writtent an executive summary

    I’ve also tried to gather arguments about evidence of LENr and how critics are absurds, but I imagine Ed Storms is more competent…
    anyway Most critics are so preposterous and uninformed that you can rule them out with a MSc in electronics, and some knowledge in history of science.

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