Dr. Michael McKubre: Experimental Cold Fusion, Pseudo Skepticism, & Progressing LENR

Interview with LENR pioneer Dr. Michael McKubre. Dr. McKubre is an accomplished electrochemist who has been working in the field of Cold Fusion for over 20 years. He joined Stanford Research Institute in the late 1970s and has served as their Director of Energy Research up till the present day. He has made countless contributions to the field, including important replications in the mid 1990s that demonstrated an important correlation between excess heat and helium production in a variety of experimental setups. He was one of the driving forces in achieving a DOE review of cold fusion in 2004. In 2009 he was interviewed for and prominently featured on the 60-Minutes segment: Cold Fusion is Hot Again, in which the successes of Cold Fusion over the past 20 years were brought into focus.

0m-18m: Education as Electrochemist; Relationship with Martin Fleischman; Career at SRI; Transition into Cold Fusion; Experience with Deuterium and Palladium; Confirmation of Heat Effect in 1989; Secondary and Tertiary Products in Cold Fusion; Correlating Heat with Reaction Product; Pioneering Work of Dr. Melvin Miles; Experimental Confirmation of He4/24MeV Correlation; Confirming He4/24MeV in Various Cold Fusion Systems; Tricky Helium; Money Game and Experimentation; Mechanism Enigma; Need For a Many-Body Quantum Coherent Reaction

18m-42m: 2004 Department of Energy Review; Mixed Reactions and Mixed Consequences; Lack of Evolution in Skeptical Arguments Over the Years; Nonsense Criticisms and Boiling Tea; Dr. Richard Garwin; Competence of Cold Fusion Researchers; Dr. Rob Duncan and University of Missouri; Dr. Irving Dardik and Energetics Group; Improving Replication with Superwave Theory

43m-57m: Dynamics of Commercializing LENR; Space for All LENR Entrepreneurs; Crediting Rossi and Piantelli; Nickel Hydrogen Systems; Nickel as Poor Man’s Palladium; Speculation about H-D Reactions in Light Hydrogen Systems; Mechanism = Unknown Black Box; Lack of Self-Consistency in LENR Theory; Failure of Experimentalists; Relevance of the Nuclear Active Environment; Testing Storms’ Hydroton Mechanism; Storms = Cold Fusion Hero; Nobel Prize Speculations; Dr. McKubre’s Shift of Focus From Experimental Science to Commercializing LENR


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