Moray B. King: Breakthrough Energy, EVO Clusters, & Paradigm Shifts

Interview with Moray B. King. Moray has been working as a professional electrical and systems engineer for over 30 years. During that time, in parallel, he has done extensive independent research into the standard physics literature concerning both the zero point field and self-organizing systems. He has also conducted extensive research into the patents and experiments of inventors who have reported anomalous energy gains over the decades. He is considered one of the leading authorities on the subject of zero point energy, and has written two books on the topic titled: Tapping the Zero Point Energy, and Quest for Zero Point Energy. Most recently Moray gave a presentation titled Water, Plasmoids, and Zero Point Energy at this year’s Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference.

0min-11min: The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray and Synchronicity; John Wheeler’s Theory of Geometrodynamics; Vacuum Fluctuations as a Possible Energy Source; Space-Time Wormholes and Singularities; Higher Dimensional Orthogonal Flux and Intersection; Point Particle Approximation and the Vortex Structure of Matter; Pair Production as Vacuum Self-Organization; Quantum Foam and Turbulent Plasma Dynamics; Objections to Zero Point Energy Hypothesis; Prigogine and Order Out of Chaos; Energy Anomalies During Ion Acoustic Modes and Abrupt Motion of Ions

11min- 26min: Orthogonal Flow of Hyperspace ZPE Flux; Bending Flux into 3-Space; Particles as Whirlpools of Orthogonal Flux; Mini Black Holes and Mini White Holes in Virtual Chaotic Plasma; Vacuum Polarization and Creating Harvestable Order; How Surging Ions Bends Hyperspace Flow into 3-Space; Manifestation of Excess Voltage and Fields; Why Free Energy is Still Unrecognized; Paradigm Wars; Difficulty of Plasma Tube Engineering; Water Electrolyzers and Importance of Replication; HHO and Brown’s Gas Welding Torch; Ken Shoulders and Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO); Micron Ball Lightning Clusters and Brown’s Gas; Mark LeClair and Structured Water Cavitation; Requirement of Replication for Paradigm Shift; Experimentation and Safety Concerns

26min- 40min: Break Through Energy Conference; Sharing Information and Open Source; Need for Mature Consciousness; Self-Looped Systems; Driving Pistons with Zero Point Cluster Implosion; Self-Organized Plasmoids as Zero Point Transducers; Water Fueled ZPE Engine; Open Source Mass Replication of ZPE Water Cavitation; Viktor Schauberger and Vortex Coherence; LENR Through Crack Induced Fracto-Emission Ball Lightning; Ken Shoulders’ EVO Theory for Cold Fusion; EVO Transmutation Experiments in Russia; Western Academics Ignoring Experimental Evidence; Paradigm Defense and Nature of Scientific Revolutions; Novelty of the Lattice Crack Geometry and Ball Lightning; EVO Launching During Fracto-Emission

40min-47min: Philosophical Side of Paradigm Shifts; The Classical Engineering Paradigm; Engineering Vs. Physics; Functional Existence of ZPE; Facets of Fraud; Evolution of Physics and Laws; Mass Replication and Funding; Power of Open Source Information Exchange; Standardizing Protocols; Seeing Is Believing


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