Month: March 2014

Wayne Walton: Mountain Hour Money, Jubilee Shares, & Reclaiming Local Sovereignty

Interview with activist and economic pioneer Wayne Walton. Wayne is an entrepreneur and founder of Mountain Hours: a community-based, usury-free, alternative currency. Much of his activism takes place in his native Summit County, Colorado where he is currently working toward restoring human sovereignty through monetary reform. More information about Wayne, Mountain Hour Money, and Jubilee Shares can be found at as well as


Skeptiko’s Alex Tsakiris: Parapsychology, NDE, & Falsifying Scientific Materialism

Interview with radio-host Alex Tsakiris. Alex is an entrepreneur and host of the popular podcast Skeptiko. He’s an active investigator in the fields of consciousness, parapsychology, and near death experience research. Unlike other radio hosts Alex regularly engages with Skeptical voices in an attempt to create a larger dialogue about these issues. A full transcript can be found below. (more…)