Month: May 2014

Why So Serious?

JokerDrawingI’d like to address something that has been bothering me lately. The state of discourse in everyday life, let alone on the internet, is absolutely depressing. It has become an idea space totally lacking in manners, and lacking any semblance of a general, humane ethic. I often ask myself: Where is all the derision and cruelty coming from? Why so much character assassination, sadism, and thought-policing? Why do certain people take certain topics so seriously that they are willing to sink to the lowest common denominator to “prove” the other guy wrong? I think it’s rather funny that people act as if anything can be “proved” with 100% surety. We can’t even prove what a fundamental particle is, let alone what it’s made of. Clearly some of us take our own assumptions for granted to a perverse degree, and our regrettable behavior reflects that fact. I just find it sad, pathetic, and emblematic of the decline of westernized culture. (more…)


Ny Teknik’s Mats Lewan: E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, & An Impossible Invention

Interview with NyTeknik’s Mats Lewan. Mats holds a masters degree in physics, and is recognized as a world-renowned science & technology reporter. He writes for the Swedish newspaper NyTeknik, where he has been covering both cold fusion generally, and Andrea Rossi’s Energy-Catalyzer technology specifically, since 2011. He has recently published a book titled An Impossible Invention in which he recounts his first-hand experiences with Andrea Rossi and LENR over the past three years. More information can be found at Mats’ more conventional articles can be found at

Mark Dansie: Free Energy, Skeptical Inquiry, & Transition Technology

Interview with Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie. Mark is recognized as a world-renowned evaluator of energy technologies and is currently helping develop several new energy concepts himself. Over the last seven years, Mark has traveled the world evaluating many new and free technology claims. He specializes in magnetic motor and HHO gas evaluations, but has reviewed many other technologies as well. He has been featured as a speaker at several energy conferences, and his catch cry is “show me the data” as he is a believer in scientific methodology when evaluating claims. More information can be found at Downloadable version can be found at Podomatic or my iTunes channel.