Richard Merrick: Harmonic Interference, Sacred Spaces, & The Venus Blueprint

Richard Merrick is an acoustical engineer and alternative researcher who explores numerous topics — including architecture, psychedelics, and the nature of human perception. He is probably best known as the author of both Interference & The Venus Blueprint where he explores the intersection between these various topics. More on Richard and his work can be found at Outline can be found below:

0.min-10.min: Richard’s career & early interest in music theory; harmonic interference theory & music perception; Interference; harmonic morphogenesis; resonant pattern matching; ancient religion & acoustics; stable interference patterns; emergent harmonic standing waves; boundary conditions & fields of pressure in etheric space-time

10.min-20.min: QCD lattice; electron orbitals & cubic quanta; Nassim Haramein’s cubic octahedral space-time;  resonant crystallization & structured space-time; the ether paradigm;  Higgs field & new ether; reaction-diffusion systems & biological self-organization; science & first causes; narrowness of Neo-Darwinism

20.min-30.min: Expanding evolution & system dynamics; value of ancestral wisdom & knowledge; observation vs. theory as a scientific starting point; rediscovering past insights through science; antiquated notion of science vs. religion; religious roots of bureaucratic nation-states;  challenge of defining & linking language

30.min-40.min: The Venus Blueprint; hidden music & symbolic mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel; Venus & astrotheological resurrection; Mt. Meru & the sacred mountain; astrotheology & the Rig Vedas; rose pentacle geometry & the Venus transit; acoustics & double square geometry; golden ratio & ordered damping principles in stone temples; sacred geometry

40.min-50.min: Mormonism & Freemasonry; genesis of acoustical science & Venus Blueprint; altering states of consciousness through fine-tuned sacred spaces; psychedelics & entheogenic communion; Mithraism & psychoactive ritual; psychedelics central to all core religious experience; plant teachers as a bridge to the godhead; resonance & spiritual experience; social restraints on psychoactive substances

50.min-60.min: Roman hegemony & outlawing of psychedelic experience; loss of direct revelatory experience; secretive tendency of priestly class to keep entheogenic rights from laity; Elysian & Dionysian mysteries; Medieval Cathars & psychedelic initiation; Catholic Crusades & elimination of psychoactive ritual; The Vajra Sequence & the development of spiritual science; Psychonautics & synthesis of inner exploration with outer exploration

60.min-72.min: Deciphering the mystery of human consciousness; mind-field resonance; non-local consciousness & virtual electron flux in the human brain; limitations of artificial intelligence paradigm; biological connection to non-physical reality; dualism vs. monistic interactionism;  myth of the closed system; Karl Pribram & Bruce Greyson; do your own research & decide for yourself; Rick Strassman & DMT research; teacher plants & evolution of consciousness; augmenting modernity with archaic wisdom; teacher plant pantheon & religious diversity; personal interpretation & speculative nature of reality; dogma & mutual respect; the mystery of reality & re-enchantment


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