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Pentamental is a dialogue-based show that elucidates the intersection(s) between synchronicity, science, culture, & psychonautics. Through the medium of open-minded dialogue, we explore the possibility that the only way out, is in.
Hosted by brothers John & Thomas Maguire.

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Why So Serious?

JokerDrawingI’d like to address something that has been bothering me lately. The state of discourse in everyday life, let alone on the internet, is absolutely depressing. It has become an idea space totally lacking in manners, and lacking any semblance of a general, humane ethic. I often ask myself: Where is all the derision and cruelty coming from? Why so much character assassination, sadism, and thought-policing? Why do certain people take certain topics so seriously that they are willing to sink to the lowest common denominator to “prove” the other guy wrong? I think it’s rather funny that people act as if anything can be “proved” with 100% surety. We can’t even prove what a fundamental particle is, let alone what it’s made of. Clearly some of us take our own assumptions for granted to a perverse degree, and our regrettable behavior reflects that fact. I just find it sad, pathetic, and emblematic of the decline of westernized culture. (more…)

Sync and the Teleological Swimming Pool

* The following essay was recently featured on Episode 84 of Sync Book PressAlways Record. If interested, the audio version can be found here.

Orwell1In 1945 the incomparable George Orwell composed an illuminating essay titled What is Science? At first glance the answer to this question seems obvious enough. Whether learned through explicit instruction or absorbed via cultural osmosis, most westernized people think of science as an enterprise carried out in labs by professional academics. However Orwell saw it differently and so should we. He defined science as “A method of thought which obtains verifiable results by reasoning logically from observed fact.” Only when curious amateurs and professionals alike pursue scientific truth in this way can meaningful answers concerning the origins of synchronicity (aka sync) be uncovered. (more…)

Baby With the Bathwater: The Wrongful Rejection of Cold Fusion — Part I

BabyandBathWater2014 is upon us, and progress in the field of Cold Fusion (aka LENR) marches steadily on. Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC), currently operating out of California and working in collaboration with Stanford Research Institute (SRI), recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with an undisclosed South Korean company who intend to manufacture their LENR boiler technologies and outfit obsolete power plants with them. (more…)

Ode To Joe: Joe Bageant, Duck Dynasty, and the American Hologram

JoeBageant1It’s been almost three years since Joe Bageant, one of America’s most unique, populist political voices, passed away rather suddenly from cancer. During his life he kept company with American folk heroes such as Hunter S. Thompson, Timothy Leary, and Alan Ginsberg, bartended on the same Indian reservation that author Sherman Alexie grew up on, and in his spare time became one of the preeminent gonzo journalists of his generation. Pretty impressive for a guy who grew up dirt-poor in Winchester, Virginia, dropped out of High School at sixteen to join the Navy, and never earned higher than a GED. (more…)

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Promise of Cold Fusion

* The following article was featured earlier this month on the Brockporter Online News Magazine Philosophy of Science Monday:

TimeMagColdFusionCold Fusion debuted in the year 1989 when two renowned experimental chemists, Dr. Martin Fleischman and Dr. Stanley Pons of the University of Utah, made an announcement that sounded too good to be true. During experiments where they applied voltage across electrolytic cells that contained hydrogen isotopes (aka deuterium) and palladium lattice structures (aka cathodes), their apparatuses began to serendipitously give off abnormal amounts of excess heat. After running many trials and ruling out experimental defects, they concluded that perhaps they had stumbled across a new type of nuclear fusion reaction taking place at room temperature devoid of radioactive byproducts. The term “Cold Fusion” was not coined by Pons and Fleischman; that was done by a rival physicist at BYU named Steven Jones. Amazingly Jones simultaneously stumbled across results (i.e. anomalous neutron production) that seemed to suggest that some variety of abnormal nuclear fusion was taking place. If true, Cold Fusion represented the penultimate solution to all of humanities energy needs. (more…)

The Singularity Delusion

*The following article was featured earlier this month on the Brockporter Online News Magazine Philosophy of Science Monday. Much thanks to Editor David Markham:

“[Philosophers of Science] are very good at asking questions…they outline and delineate what the questions are…scientists are not good at the big questions…for things we haven’t been thinking about, we need the philosophers.”

Dr. Karl Pribram, Neuroscientist


A popular belief amongst many technologists, scientists, futurists, and industrialists is that human beings are simply biological robots. At root level we are run by a computer program encoded in our DNA that is then carried out by our neurological hardware. This belief system is often referred to as Transhumanism. Most transhumanists also believe in what’s known as the Technological Singularity; a moment fast approaching when machines will hypothetically eclipse human intellect and in effect render us all obsolete. In this view Artificial Intelligence (aka Strong AI) will become pervasive, all knowing, and all powerful. (more…)