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Andrea Rossi: 3rd-Party Analysis, Industrial Heat, & 1MW E-Cat

Interview with Andrea Rossi. Mr. Rossi is an inventor and entrepreneur who, for many years, has worked to develop the Energy Catalyzer, also known as the E-Cat – a reactor fueled by nickel and hydrogen that allegedly harnesses “cold fusion”, or low-energy nuclear reactions, on an industrial scale. Mr. Rossi has been working on this technology for well over a decade and has recently partnered with a highly-credible commercial investor to take the technology to the “next level”. A recent third-party analysis of the E-Cat, carried out by a coalition of European professors and engineers over the course of the past year, reports that the technology is in fact producing energy well in excess of any known chemical reaction. A full transcript can be found below and/or at (more…)


Dr. Melvin Miles: Helium-4, Excess Heat, & Peer Review

Dr. Mel Miles is an electrochemist and college professor who earned his PhD from the University of Utah. Now retired, he spent much of his career at the China Lake Naval Research Laboratory, and is probably best known for systematically detecting the presence of helium ash in Palladium-Deuterium cold fusion cells between the years 1989 and 1995. Many experts in the field believe that Dr. Miles’ findings constitute some of the best evidence in favor of the “cold fusion” hypothesis. More information on Mel and his work can be found at

Richard Merrick: Harmonic Interference, Sacred Spaces, & The Venus Blueprint

Richard Merrick is an acoustical engineer and alternative researcher who explores numerous topics — including architecture, psychedelics, and the nature of human perception. He is probably best known as the author of both Interference & The Venus Blueprint where he explores the intersection between these various topics. More on Richard and his work can be found at Outline can be found below: (more…)

Dr. Sally Goerner: Chaos Theory, Ordered Complexity, & Societal Self-Organization

Interview with Dr. Sally Goerner. With advanced degrees and professional experience in computer science, engineering, nonlinear dynamics and psychology, Dr. Goerner’s speciality is showing how a range of major social, scientific, economic and political crises and alternatives can all be seen as part of one common evolutionary transition. She has lectured extensively in Europe, Japan and the USA on how the integral framework provides a unifying understanding that can crystallize the shift from crumbling, modern nation-states to a more intelligent and sustainable global civilization. She has authored over fifty articles and five books. Less formally, Dr. Goerner is best thought of as scientific missionary devoted to giving those already struggling with change in business, education, health and the community a solid foundation and a clear vision of how their fragments of reform fit within a larger picture of what we need to do survive as a civilization. Outline can be referenced below: (more…)

Dr. Brian Ahern: Nanomagnetism, Cooperative Modes, & Non-Linear LENR

Interview with Dr. Brian Ahern. Dr. Ahern is a physicist with a PhD from MIT whose academic work focused on exploring BCS-theory and superconductivity. In 2012, he issued an in-depth report on nano-scale cold fusion for the Electric Power Research Institute. Earlier this year the open-source Martin Fleischman Memorial Project added Brian to their global-coalition of researchers and experimentalists who are working to bring an open-source cold fusion solution to the world. He was also a featured lecturer at this year’s 2014 MIT LENR Colloquium – an annual event hosted by Drs. Mitchell Schwarz & Peter Hagelstein. His presentation focused on the relationship between excess heat and nano-magnetism. An outline of our dialogue can be referenced below: (more…)

Dr. Edmund Storms: Nano-Cracks, Metallic Hydrogen, & Explaining LENR

My second interview with Dr. Edmund Storms on the subject of LENR (aka cold fusion). Dr. Storms is a nuclear chemist who spent thirty-four years working at Los Alamos National Labs. There he conducted research into materials for use in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of cold fusion. Ed is also the author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, published in 2007, and has recently published a follow-up book — The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction — exploring the theoretical side of LENR. His book can be found at More information on Dr. Storms’ and his work can be located at his blog/website

My Interview On 42 Minutes

I was a recently featured guest on Episode 144 of Douglas Bolles’ & Will Morgan’s radio show 42 Minutes, part of the Sync Book Radio network:

A lively weekly conversation in which they naturally discuss “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” with the interesting authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers of our day. The show is recorded live on Tuesday mornings at 11:11 a.m. (Eastern standard time), and has its genesis in a series of discussions regarding The Sync Book of which, both hosts are authors.

More episodes of 42 Minutes & other Sync Book Radio productions can be found at

Topics of our conversation include: True Love, Tom Campbell, Nature Is Language, Read The Book, Self Organization, ET & IT, Kuhn, Spooky Action & Spooky Mulder, Synchromysticism, Orgone, Science, Magic, & Myth.