Why Science Is Wrong

This past year I helped edit, co-develop, and contribute an Appendix to the book Why Science Is Wrong…About Almost Everything, authored by radio-host/podcaster Alex Tsakiris. I’m extremely proud of this work, and while the title may seem overly provocative/sensationalist at a glance, the core content is no-nonsense and includes (1) An in-depth survey of paradigm-altering scientific evidence of “unexplainable” phenomenon such as NDE, Psi, Energy Healing, and so on (2) A recounting of Alex’s personal experience/journey while developing/producing the Skeptiko Podcast (3) A matter-of-fact dismantling of science-as-we-know-it, aka scientific-materialism.

I’m not making $$$ from any book sales, but I’d encourage you to help build momentum for the project by picking up a copy if/when the mood strikes you. Please drop me a line & let me know your thoughts. Here’s the back-of-the-book description for your reference:

first slide -- book


Alex Tsakiris has interviewed many bestselling authors and dozens of world-class academics on his popular science podcast Skeptiko.com. In this book he shares with us what he’s learned through his 200 plus interviews with some of the world’s leading consciousness researchers and thinkers. In doing so, he reveals what the best research is saying about “big picture” science questions and the limits of science in general. What’s he’s learned, in short, is that science-as-we-know-it is an emperor-with-no-clothes-on proposition. It mesmerizes us with flashy trinkets, while failing at its core mission of leading us toward self-discovery. Science is wrong about almost everything because science depends on our consciousness being an illusion—and it’s not!



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